This is the second time photographing half of this family and the first time photographing the other half…figure that one out 😉 Ok, I’ll help….I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful woman and her three sweet children last Fall and my two youngest have the joy of having her as their P.E. instructor at […]

Spring Together

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Recently, I stumbled on a post by a friend talking about saving and restoring a local church. She had found it by chance and she knew she needed to learn more about this rundown building on stilts. That’s when she met George. George was walking out to his car to search for a washer and […]

Local Legacy


Announcing our Annual Peach Blossom Minis! So many of you have asked if we are having them again and I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces, as well as our loyal familiar ones! This year, we have changed up the process to hopefully make everything a little smoother: Step 1:  Choose your preferred date […]

Spring Minis Sessions

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  All I wanted to do was sleep when I was pregnant with her and the guilt of having caffeine was legit, as I didn’t want to do anything to “mess this one up”. After losing her older brother, her due date of Christmas Day was a sign to us that God was giving us […]

Our Greatest Gift


This beautiful girl was turning one when I first met her and now, she’s all grown up with a little brother! You can imagine my excitement when I heard from their mom asking about a session with both of her littles and on the beach! Considering that we’re in the north, this should have been […]

Dreamy Beach Day