I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with our youngest daughter, but if I was to describe her to you, I would say that she is a lot of sweet mixed with spice, she’s all about the sparkle and isn’t afraid to play in the dirt~especially if that means she’s planting something, she […]

Our Glitter Mermaid

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Recently, I stumbled on a post by a friend talking about saving and restoring a local church. She had found it by chance and she knew she needed to learn more about this rundown building on stilts. That’s when she met George. George was walking out to his car to search for a washer and […]

Local Legacy


  All I wanted to do was sleep when I was pregnant with her and the guilt of having caffeine was legit, as I didn’t want to do anything to “mess this one up”. After losing her older brother, her due date of Christmas Day was a sign to us that God was giving us […]

Our Greatest Gift

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Christmas Tree hunting has become a tradition in our home and every year I find myself asking the same question, “Should we just purchase a fake tree?”. I mean, the money we could potentially save by not purchasing a real tree is a beautiful thing. One could even argue that the time we would save […]

A Priceless Tradition


If you’re like me, every new year comes with it’s set of new goals and even some older goals which have been lying dormant on the shelf of my mind waiting to be dusted off and brought to the light. For seven years, we have said we were going back to California for a visit […]

Waves of Inspiration

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