Tiny fingers, tiny toes, sweet lips and a button nose…these are the things we don’t want to forget. Having four of my own, I know how swiftly time can slip by, so when this precious family contacted me to capture these tiny details of their sweet little girl, I was excited! Some of you may know […]

Pure Love | Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer

Southern Maryland Newborn Photographer
Calvert County Senior Photographer


Samara is nothing short of being beautiful, but what makes her truly shine is her kind heart and genuine spirit.   I was so happy that she trusted my vision and was up for anything…I couldn’t wait to use the skirt my mom and I made, as I was really hoping to offer it, and […]

Beautiful Dreamer | Southern Maryland Photographer


Here’s another Baby Steps Family to share with you!  These three always have something up their sleeve for me to capture during each visit.  Although we discuss most ideas and plans, there always seems to have an element of surprise to it.  For instance,  during their first shoot when their little man was 3 months, […]

Capital C for Corran | St. Mary’s Photographer

Family Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer


The day may have been chilly, but no one on this shoot had a problem staying warm ;o) The fog didn’t hold this family back…something tells me, nothing holds them back .  I could have photographed them ALL day!  Their boys told a story with every turn~I got my cardio in for the day & […]

Maryland Family Photographer~{love in the mist}